Benefits of IAA

With the therapy dogs we achieve fun and satisfactory interventions for the participant.

We bring our therapy dogs to therapeutic or educational programs. So we make the interventions fun
and satisfactory for the participant.

At the same time, we break with routines and encourage the protagonists.
Dogs are a great motivating element and reinforce their effort.

Generic benefits are:

  • Preventive: reduces stress and psychosomatic symptoms. Facilitates integration.
  • Physicists: increases motor skills, decreases blood pressure and favours muscular relaxation. It fosters a tight physical contact, improving motor skills and sensory stimulation.
  • Psychological: self-esteem increases, responsibilities are assumed, helps to control tolerance to frustration, improves the degree of attention and memory.
  • Educational: It favors the game and the development, augments the vocabulary and, above all, improves the concentration.
  • Social: Facilitates interactions, communication, empathy and involvement.

The professional of the health or the education with whom we collaborate also benefits from the presence of the dog and the technician:

  • We facilitate their work, capturing the attention of the participant and increasing the interest in participating.
  • Good communication with the participant.
  • The figure of the professional is positive.
  • It removes tension in the environment, making the interaction more fluid and spontaneous.
  • It breaks the resistance that the participant has to perform the interventions.