The website is Laura’s property Altimira Abril (at forward, Canis Group), with domicile at effects of notifications at Av/ of the Bartra. Edifice Valira Nova. Bloc B. Basement 2-2. AD200. Encamp. Andorra, NIF no. F-318416-V and address of e-mail, and through the same provides information on his activities.

The access and use of the website ascribes at the that realises it the condition of “User” and implies upright acceptance, expresses and without reservation of the present general conditions, valid at the moment of the access. If the user did not comprise at his totality the present conditions of use or did not agree with the same, will owe to abstain to utilise and operate through this website.

The present general conditions govern only and exclusively the use of the website of Canis Group for part of the users that access and/or sail for The present general conditions expose at tetes and cadascuna of the pages of the website canisgrup.How, for that the users can read them, print them and archive them.


The utilisation of the website of Canis Group is free and does not require the previous registry of the user. At those cases that the access and/or use of determinate services and/or contents required the registry or subscription of the users, will be necessary that these accept previously the corresponding Politician of Privacy and the specific General Conditions, does not hear possible the access at the same without said acceptance.

The conditions of access and the use of the present website govern rigidly for the valid legality and for the principle of nice faith, engaging the user at realising a nice use of the web. They stay prohibited continuums the acts that vulnerin right or interests of third (right at the intimacy, protection of data, intellectual property, etc.), or the valid legality.

Canis Group prohibits expressly:

  • Realise actions that can produce at the website or through the same, for any medium, any type of harm of the systems of Canis Group or at third.

  • Realise without the owed authorization any type of advertising or commercial information directly or of form concealed, the sending of massive posts (“spaming”) or sending of big messages with the purpose to blockade servers of the mesh (“mail bombing”).

The user engages at not utilising the website, or the contents or information and/or the services that offer at the same for the realisation of activities contraries at the law and at respecting at all times the present general conditions.

Canis Group will be able to interrupt anytime the access at his website if it detects a contrary use at the legality, the nice faith or the present general conditions.


The contents incorporated at this website have been elaborated and included by Canis Group, utilising internal and external fonts, in such a way that Canis Group only does manager for the contents elaborated of internal way

Canis Group reserves the right to modify anytime the existent contents at his website. Canis Group does not assure or holds responsible of the correct operation of the links at websites of third that they appear at canisgrup.How.

Besides, through the website canisgrup.How, they can pose at willingness of the users, free services and/or of payment offered by third extraneous, which will govern for the particular conditions of said services. Canis Group does not guarantee at any case the veracity, accuracy or actuality of the contents and services offered by third and stays expressly exonerated of any type of responsibility for the harms and damages that can derive of the fault of accuracy of these contents and services.


Canis Group at any case will be responsible of:

  • The errors and incidences that can produce at the communications, erased or incomplete transmissions so that it does not guarantee that the services of the website are constantly operative.

  • Of the production of any type of harm that the users or third can ocasionar at the website.

  • Of the reliability and veracity of the informations introduced by third at the website, well directly, well through links or links.

Canis Group reserves the right at suspending the access without prior notice of discretionary form and with definite character or storm until the assegurament of the effective responsibility of the harms that could produce.

Canis Group will collaborate and will notify at the competent authority the anteriorly signified incidences at the moment at that have irrefutable ken of that the harms ocasionats constitute any type of illicit activity.


The own contents, the programming and the design of the website canisgrup.How it finds fully protected for the royalties of author, staying expressly prohibited #all reproduction, communication, distribution and transformation of the referred elements protected, except consent exprés of Canis Group.

Canis Group can utilise external fonts for the elaboration of his contents and establish links or hiperenllaços at articles or informations of third citing always the font. The legitimate titular of the royalties of author of the like this included informations will be able to solicited anytime the elimination of the referred contents.

The so much graphic materials like briefs routed by the users through the mediums that pose at his willingness at the website are property of the user who affirms at the route them his legitimates authorship and cedes the royalties of reproduction and distribution at Canis Group.


The present general conditions govern for the Andorran legislation. They are competent to resolve #all controversy or conflict that derive of the present general conditions the Courts of Andorra, renouncing expressly the user at any one other fur that could correspond him


At case that any clause of the present document out declared null, the demés clauses will track valid and will interpret taking into account the will of the parts and the same purpose of the present conditions. Canis Group will be able to not exerting any of the royalties and faculties conferred at this document done that it will not imply at any case renounces it at the same, except reconnaissance exprés for part of Canis Group